Submit a session idea for 2020

We are introducing a new focus on CPD at the RCGP Annual Conference in 2020, with the core streams also linked to the RCGP curriculum. Please find below the session streams for 2020.

Submission deadline: 23:59 Friday 17 January 2020

The submitter will be notified of the outcome of their submission in mid March 2020 using the email address provided in their online form. Feedback will not be provided on unsuccessful abstracts.

Amending a submission
If you wish to amend your submission you can do this at any time up to the deadline of 23.59 Friday 17 January 2020.

Multiple submissions
You are welcome to submit multiple proposals, however, please do not submit the same proposal to more than one stream.

Session streams for 2020

CPD: Clinical topics
A broad base of clinical knowledge and skills are needed for generalist medical practice. This stream will cover clinical topics and knowledge, and sessions submitted should clearly focus on a defined clinical topic.

CPD: Professional topics
Sessions in this stream will explore specific capabilities in more depth, applying them in an appropriate professional context. Each session should intend to illustrate important aspects of everyday general practice. Topics we expect to be submitted for this stream include:

  •     Consulting in general practice
  •     Equality, diversity and inclusion
  •     Evidence-based practice, research and sharing knowledge
  •     Improving quality, safety and prescribing
  •     Leadership and management
  •     Urgent and unscheduled care

CPD: Life stages
As well as requiring skills in the assessment and management of the general UK population, GPs utilise a range of specific clinical approaches and skillsets to groups of patients. Sessions in this stream will focus on how GPs can improve their work and engagement within the following life stages:

  •       Children and young people
  •       Maternity and reproductive health
  •       People with long term conditions, and cancer
  •       Older adults
  •       People at the end of life

GP health and wellbeing
General practice is a fantastic place to work but in order to look after our patients we also need to look after ourselves. Enhancing personal, professional and practice wellbeing is the aim of this stream. The sessions should either aim to directly improve wellbeing through the content delivered or should equip GPs and the practice team with practical tools to maintain or improve their personal or professional wellbeing. Sessions should aim to leave attendees feeling empowered to make self-care a priority.

Inspiring GP careers
The general practice workforce is under considerable and growing strain. This stream aims to provide sessions to help prepare the next generation of GPs, and to re-enthuse those in the later stages of their career. The sessions submitted should illustrate the possibilities associated with a career in general practice. There should be a focus on either preparing and inspiring tomorrow’s GPs or on showing later career GPs why general practice is still a great career by providing access to positive role models and appropriate career guidance.

Medical education
The sessions in this stream will focus on how GPs can improve their understanding of educational principles and approaches and help them to improve how they apply them in their day-to-day educational work. Sessions should focus on sharing educational principles, new ideas and best practice to help improve education in practice from students to specialist trainees and to the wider practice team.

Late sessions
There are a limited number of Late Sessions that take place at the end of the day on Thursday and Friday. They are generally more relaxed learning sessions, addressing new or unusual topics, and often encouraging different perspectives. Please note that speakers for any late sessions are not eligible for RCGP funding for attendance or expenses.