Phishing alert

It has been brought to our attention that scam / phishing companies are targeting both past and present exhibitors of the RCGP Annual Conference claiming to provide services on our behalf. These scams involve exhibitors being targeted to sign up to show guide / directory services, hotel room bookings or the selling of attendee lists/email data on behalf of the RCGP. These scam companies are NOT connected to the RCGP or the event and you risk being forced to pay significant sums of money if you sign up for any of these services.

Email Lists RCGP is the owner of all data in relation to the Annual Conference and NEVER sells any of its data. If you received unsolicited offers please do not repsond as they have not been authorised by the RCGP.
Show Guides The RCGP does not produce a show guide for their Annual Conference. All information realting to the event is included on the conference app and you will be contacted by Haymarket Media Group to gather this information.
Hotel Room Bookings
  • You may be contacted by some external companies offering discounted hotel rates for attendees. Please note these are not supported by the RCGP and are a scam. The RCGP have partnered with MICE Concierge, our official accommodation agency and we advise you to book through the official channel as the service is supported by the event.
  • If you receive a scam email, do not interact with the sender, even to 'unsubscribe' to additional messages, as this just informs the sender that your email address is active, and will usually result in additional unwanted emails. Do not click on any links that look suspicious.
  • The RCGP does not rent, share of sell your email address to any third parties.
  • If you are unsure if an email is legitimate please contact
  • Annual Conference attendees, please note, when registering you are given the option to opt-out to sharing your contact information with the event's sponsors and exhibitors for the purpose of direct marketing communications. Any attendee information is shared via this method contains only that of individuals who specifically provided their contact information for that purpose.