Pern Consumer Products

Pern Consumer Products, a Quantum Pharmaceuticals subsidiary, is a Target Healthcare Group company that manages Dermacool in the UK. This dermatology brand is Menthol in Aqueous cream and is mostly SLS free#.  Dermacool cools & soothes heated, itchy & irritated skin, and can be used by most age groups*, and it is especially beneficial for the elderly. The brand is available in 4 strengths and three sizes, and is recognised by many Dermatologists, GP’s, Dermatology GPwER’s & nurses. Dermacool is also shown by brand name in the BNF Skin section under the heading Menthol & Derivatives. Prescriptions for Dermacool are fully reimbursable on the NHS throughout the UK and appears in the NHSBSA DM +D database. It is also in  the English Drug Tariff( part VIII -4 sizes) and Scottish Drug Tariffs ( part 7U -the full range). It can also be purchased OTC, usually by patient request at the dispensary, in most pharmacies.  For more details see- 

# The higher 5% strength is not currently sls free         

* Only to be used on children under 2 yrs., under the direction of a specialist

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