Rachel Hatfield

Digital transformation lead, Howbeck Healthcare (GP Federation)

Rachel has worked within the public sector and NHS for 13+ years and is currently a Programme Manager for Howbeck Healthcare and the Digital Transformation Lead for Raparu CIC (formerly Digihealthwell). Rachel specialises in the digital upskilling of staff (including clinical and patient-facing roles) and citizens, with a focus on improving the health and wellbeing of the population by promoting accessible digital tools which can support individuals with their health and care. From 2017-2020, Rachel led the national GPN digital upskilling action learning set programme, funded by NHS Digital as part of the GP10 Point Plan. This programme of work is continued in primary care and social care, digitally upskilling a range of clinicians, non-clinical primary care staff (admin/social prescribers/ARRS roles) and social workers. Rachel has co-authored a number of published publications and books related to this work.