Dr Issmael Fergague

GP, Glasgow chair, AiT/First5, RCGP Scotland

Dr Issmael Fergague works as a GP in Glasgow and serves as the current chair of the RCGP Scotland AiT/First5 committee. He is active on the West of Scotland Faculty board, currently as Treasurer, previously holding roles including representative to Scottish council and First5 co-lead. Dr Fergague is particularly interested in grassroots engagement within RCGP, ensuring young GPs feel welcomed, heard and included by their college, locally and nationally. In addition to these roles Dr Fergague holds the role of depute RCGP representative to SIGN, and recently contributed to the guideline development group for SIGN 169: Perinatal Mental Health Conditions. Dr Fergague is currently in the process of emigrating to New South Wales with his wife and 2 daughters.