Dr Rebecca Akroyd

GP & GP lead for Autistic Doctors International , Autistic Doctors International

Dr Rebecca Akroyd qualified from UCL Medical School in 2010. She is a GP in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex having qualified in April 2023. She also completed MRCP (UK) in 2013. She is herself autistic and is an active advocate for autistic individuals from her role as GP Lead for Autistic Doctors International (ADI). ADI is a peer support and advocacy organisation with more than 500 members, the largest specialty group in its membership is General Practitioners. Dr Akroyd speaks regularly to GPs, GP trainees and other healthcare professionals about supporting neurodivergent individuals, as well as to trainers and supervisors on how to support neurodivergent trainees. She is passionate about improving the experiences of autistic healthcare professionals and patients alike