Dr Pooja Jeyakumar

GP ST1, University Hospital of Derby & Burton

Dr. Pooja Jeyakumar, currently in GP training in the UK, brings over 16 years of expertise as a Family Physician and Healthcare Leader across India, Oman, and the UK. Graduating in India, she holds diplomas in Family Medicine & Emergency Medicine accredited by The RCGP, UK. She earned a Master's in Family Medicine from the University of Edinburgh and an MBA in Healthcare Services Management. Recognized as a Woman Icon of Healthcare Leadership, she actively engages in teaching, volunteering, and community healthcare initiatives. Renowned for her dynamic persona and profound insights, she is a sought-after speaker, embodying a commitment to advancing global healthcare. Despite her demanding career, she gracefully juggles her responsibilities as a mother to two teenagers, exemplifying an exceptional work-life balance. Her time management skills and diverse interests position her as an ideal speaker on 'Mastering Time Management' at the RCGP annual conference, 2024.