Dr Niro Amin

Training Program Director , London GP School

Dr Niro Amin is a General Practitioner and medical educator who has worked in the NHS for the last thirty years. She has a lifelong desire for learning and an interest in professional development that has led to her doctoral study of physician wellbeing as contextualised in the supervisory relationship. She is a practising primary care physician and continues to value the narrative voice within the doctor-patient relationship. She is one of the TPD’s for Lewisham General Practice Specialty Training and has a particular interest in managing career transitions. As the Return to training Champion since 2019 she is keen to embed career planning and coaching for work-life balance within training programmes. She believes returning to training from sick leave or parental leave can be a time of upheaval for each GP trainee but the SupoRTT resource enables the trainees to transition effectively to flourish in their careers.