Dr Jamie Hynes

GP, TPD & Midland Faculty Chair , Horseley Health Surgery

Jamie is a happy GP in the Black Country and a Training Programme Director for West Birmingham VTS. He is the current Chair of Midland Faculty and has been an Officer on Faculty Board in various roles since 2017. His videos have been used in previous RCGP Annual Conferences going back to 2015: The National Health (2015), #GPKipling (2019), Start the Fire (2021), alongside publications in InnovAiT, GPfrontline & the RCGP Christmas card! Jamie illustrated Roger Neighbour's books 'The Inner Physician' (2018) and 'Consulting in a Nutshell' (2020). Jamie's awards include Faculty awards for 'The National Health', his video on medium term signs of sepsis in children (2016), Innovation award (2018), Winning 'I'm a Medic, Get Me Out of Here' in 2018 & as Faculty Team Captain in 2022, RCGP Vibrant Faculties Award for #GPin150w 'General Practice in 150 words' project (2017). He was named RCGP Faculty Champion in 2022.