Dr Hussain Gandhi

GP Partner, head of eGPlearning , eGPlearning

Dr. Hussain 'DrGandalf' Gandhi, is a mythical personality at the intersection of healthcare and technology in Nottingham. As a GP with a flair for the digital, he embarks on a mission to meld medical wisdom with technological innovation, enhancing patient care in ways previously only imagined. Through his eGPlearning platform, Dr. Gandalf educates clinicians and patients alike, breaking down barriers and fostering communication across the vast landscape of healthcare. His presence resonates beyond the clinic, into the digital realm where his social media and YouTube channel become conduits for spreading knowledge, tech insights, and a dash of fun. Dr. Gandalf is not just navigating the future of medicine; he's crafting it by bringing together communities, patients, and professionals in a shared journey towards better health for all.