Dr Annabelle Machin

Wise GP Fellow , Academy of Primary Care, Hull York Medical School

Annabelle is a GP based in the Staffordshire Moorlands. During her training she obtained an Academic Clinical Fellowship at Keele University and in 2019 completed a PhD on arthritis and comorbid mood problems. Alongside her role in practice, she works regular extended access shifts and has built a portfolio career. After completing a teaching role, preparing pharmacists to deliver the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service, Annabelle has become part of the RCGP editorial group for the GP Curriculum. She also works as a WiseGP fellow, developing resources to support GPs in their complex everyday work. This has led to further opportunities for her to contribute to primary care research at HYMS. In her spare time, Annabelle enjoys exploring the Peak District (on foot or in her much-loved car), filming wildlife, painting, playing the violin/ piano, travelling to places with historic interest (particularly Greece) and time with her family.