At the RCGP Annual Primary Care Conference & Exhibition 

The conference is working towards limiting its impact on the environment through careful consumption of energy and resources. This includes, among others, electronically circulating meeting materials, not producing unnecessary conference materials and choosing environmentally-friendly and socially-friendly products, as well as providing healthy food and hosting meetings and social events in central locations.

– Reduce energy wastage, for example by encouraging responsible use of heat and light, and employ energy efficiency technologies

– Only use electricity generated by renewable sources

– Maintain plant and machinery to ensure they are running at maximum efficiency

– Review and introduce emerging technologies as soon as practicable

– Facilitate and encourage recycling to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill

– Introduce water saving measures in all campus toilets

– Use environmentally friendly or fully biodegradable cleaning materials

– Avoid printing and use recycled paper for all office supplies and promotional materials

– Educate staff, contractors and clients in environmental impact and personal

– Specify that all timber used by the SEC comes from sustainable or managed forests

– In conjunction with Glasgow City Council and transport providers, develop a sustainable transport policy encouraging the use of public transport

– Run a ‘Cycle To Work Scheme’ for staff

– Developed new home bake recipes using up the old coffee grind instead of flour, this also makes it gluten free

– Fruit peelings now made into chutneys

– Left over fruit made into super nutrient smoothies

– Excess bread is made into homemade breadcrumbs

– Implemented a smarter planning system at our culinary meetings where we share our food across the campus to prevent food going off

– Better menu planning to ensure products have low mileage and guaranteed freshness

– Left over sealed products that are still in date are picked up daily by a local charity (Launch Foods) and distributed to local school children around Glasgow to give them a meal before they head home from school

– 50p off any hot drink purchased by a delegate if they bring their own cup

– Encourage local restaurants, hoteliers and businesses to adopt similar policies

The SEC supports ‘Trees for Life’, the conservation charity dedicated to linking up several fragments of the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands to create a corridor of native woodland. For every major conference staged, the SEC will fund the planting of an acre of native trees. For smaller events, they fund a grove of eight trees.

– The hotels and social events are all located on the event campus or in the city centre and you can walk between them all.

– The venue provides waste separation bins in the conference area.

– We are using reusable crockery instead of disposable coffee cups at the conference. At very busy periods, we may make use of single-use paper recyclable cups to manage demand. These are 100% compostable.

– For a number of years we have been providing facilities to refill water bottles. This year we will no longer supply single-use plastic water bottles.

– Printed materials are kept to a minimum. We have reduced the printed programme book down to a fold-out pocket guide. The full conference proceedings can be found on the conference app. We will continue to offer a pocket guide at registration, for those who want one. However, we will be steadily reducing the numbers ordered each year. We also reuse (handing out unmarked returned copies to delegates) and recycle all returned copies of the pocket guide.

– All marketing materials promoting the event are conducted electronically.

– Conference registration is entirely online, and booking confirmations are electronic.

– Conference bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and the bags are recycled by the bag provider.

– Conference delegate badges made of paper (FSC certified) and no plastic badge wallets are used.

– We reuse conference lanyards.

– We are working with sponsors and exhibitors to minimise materials they, or delegates, dispose of whilst at the conference.

– Please make sure to deposit your lanyard and badge in the reuse boxes provided at conference registration.

– Please follow the waste separation instructions at the venue.

– There will be water fountains at key points, please bring a reusable water bottle with you.

– If you are happy with just using the conference app, please don’t take a printed copy of the pocket guide.

– Be thoughtful about all conference-related printing that you do, and aim to reduce this where possible.

– The venue is located in the city centre, all hotels and social venues are located by walking distance from each other – walk and explore the city, use public transportation or the city bikes instead of taking taxis.

– If you can’t avoid flying, please note that there are excellent bus shuttles running from the airport to the city centre.