Dr Jane Roberts

SpecialityGP Partner, Joint Clinical Lead for Mental Health Liverpool CCG, Aintree Park Group Practice

Dr Jane Roberts is a GP in North Liverpool and a Fellow of the RCGP. She was Chair of the RCGP Adolescent Health Group 2011-2015 and the inaugural RCGP Clinical Champion for Youth Mental Health 2014-16.She has enjoyed a portfolio and geographically diverse career working as a Principal, Salaried, Academic and now Partner, returning to her native Liverpool in 2014 where she is the Clinical Lead for Youth Mental Health at Liverpool CCG. Supporting and enhancing the physical and emotional wellbeing of doctors is an increasing focus of her attention. Unless we are serious and consistent about centring doctors’ welfare we will continue to erode our human and professional capacity and be unable to run the NHS as it has been; drawing on goodwill whilst not allowing for staff recuperation. Jane believes greenspaces support our wellbeing.