500 x Ian Binnian

Dr Ian Binnian

SpecialityGP Principal, Eynshsam Medical Centre

Dr Binnian is a GP Principal at the Eynsham Medical Group in Eynsham, West Oxfordshire, where he has been a partner for 25 years. His surgery has been active in primary care research for 12 years, and in the last year has been one of the highest recruiters in the NIHR TVSM region. With the onset of the Covid pandemic, research in the surgery remained proactive with recruitment to the STOIC and PRINCIPLE Covid-19 treatment trials, and resultant recommendation for Budesonide use in acute Covid-19 in the community. The Janssen Covid vaccine ENSEMBLE 2 trial saw new highlights of research activity at the surgery, with wide involvement of CRN support, secondary care research staff, joint GP site recruitment [Eynsham and Windrush medical practices], an increase in practice research staff, and service level agreements for hospital laboratories and secondary care staff.