Dr Hussain Gandhi

SpecialityGP, eGPlearning

Dr Hussain ‘DrGandalf’ Gandhi is a digital GP with the intellect and geeky style of a TimeLord, and the magic, presence & beard of Gandalf. He is a GP partner, trainer, and PCN CD but also runs eGPlearning designed to help tech-enhance primary care and learning via the platform of a website, podcast, and regular Youtube channel. 

The platform helps people to understand how to use tech better in primary care and be more productive. It also highlights the importance of social media and content creation in healthcare. Dr Gandhi runs S1 FBUG (SystmOne Facebook User Group) and conference, Boardgame Medics, and more. A full list of his roles including national representative to RCGP council can be found here: https://egplearning.co.uk/contact/profile/