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Dr David Shiers

SpecialityRetired GP, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Carer, Keele University

A former GP from Leek, N.Staffordshire, David has campaigned for mental health care reform since the late 90’s when his daughter was given a diagnosis of schizophrenia in her late teens. Derived from what he felt was lacking in his daughter’s early experiences of care David changed his career, leaving the general practice to co-lead with Professor Jo Smith the UK’s National Early Intervention in Psychosis Programme through the era of the National Service Framework.

Now, ‘sort of retired’, David continues to challenge why people like his daughter should accept poor physical health. He has taken part in several relevant NICE guidelines and quality standards and as a clinical advisor to National Audits of Schizophrenia (2011 onwards).

David was acknowledged by the RC Psych with its President’s medal in 2012, and as their ‘Carer of the Year’ in 2015. He received the OBE in 2016.