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Dr Danial Bennion-Leahy

SpecialityGP & Speciality Doctor in Gender Identity, Adult Gender Identity Clinic - Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Dr. Danial Bennion-Leahy is a GP Partner in Southwark. He trained at St George’s Hospital Medical School before working across South East London. He has a keen interest in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare previously working in a Contraception and Sexual Health Clinic alongside his GP work. He spent time as a Sexual Health Doctor at 56 Dean Street in Soho, which specializes in reducing infections and promoting sexual health amongst a predominantly LGBT+ patient group. This encouraged an interest in LGBT+ healthcare, specifically Transgender medicine as he was also supporting transgender patients in his work as a GP. He sought help from the Tavistock and Portman Adult Gender Identity Clinic and knew this was an area he wished to work in. He has now been working and training at this clinic as a Specialist Doctor since February 2020 and is currently studying for the Diploma in Gender Identity Healthcare.