Speaker logistics

Pre-conference information

Audience Polling / Q&A / Slido

Audiences increasingly ask for more engagement with speakers and sessions. To help facilitate this, the conference will be using a session engagement tool via the conference app. Delegates will select the relevant room and then see questions pop up on their screen when activated by you during your presentation – they can also submit questions to you throughout the session.

Concurrent session speakers have the option to submit questions for polls and take questions from the audience via Sli.do. The audience can “like” questions to raise their ranking in the list of submitted questions, which can help you answer the hottest topics arising from your subject matter.

If you wish to use the app to run polls or take questions from the audience, please confirm to rcgp@haymarket.com no later than 7 September. If you only wish to use it to take questions for the audience, you do not need to provide any further details.

You will need to provide your questions for polls no later than 21 September. You should email a copy of your presentation and the questions to rcgp@haymarket.com to ensure we set up the questions correctly. We are unable to add images to the poll. If the audience need to study images to answer the question, your presentation slide will remain on screen whilst the question is on their mobile device.

Click PLAY on the https://www.sli.do/ website to view a video that explains the system in a short illustration

Biography & Photo

Please upload your 100 word biography and head shot (file size min 500kb) during the registration process. You can log back into your registration at any time via the link in your registration confirmation email. Alternatively please email your details to rcgp@haymarket.com.

Contacts & Deadlines

Primary Contacts
• For operations and attendance queries: rcgp@haymarket.com
• For session content queries: colin.cooper@haymarket.com

• 20 April: Registration and bio/photo submission
• 7 September: Confirm use of polling in session
• 21 September: Supply polling questions
• 21 September: Supply final presentation

Presentation Production Guidelines

Presentations should be created in 16:9 widescreen. All the conference rooms have widescreen screens or TVs. If you opt for the traditional 4:3 format, you will have black lines down each side of your presentation.

Speakers should save their presentation onto a USB memory stick. As digital media can easily be damaged we strongly recommend that speakers make a ’backup’ copy of their presentation.

To assist the technicians with the identification of presentations, they should be saved with the Session ID as the last part of the file name eg D6.ppt

The first slide should be a title slide stating speaker name, presentation title and affiliation, plus a declaration of interests. Please use the template provided. This can be downloaded from the right side menu on this page.

Graphics, written or tabular material must be of adequate size to be clearly visible to all delegates, even at the back of the hall. In general, text should not exceed 5-6 lines of bold print containing 6-7 words per line. If a larger amount of information needs to be presented, it should be split into several slides. When choosing fonts for your presentation ensure these are supported by Microsoft office. If a non-standard font is used within a presentation this will result in a substitute font being inserted by PowerPoint. This will at best make your presentation look a little odd and at worst unreadable.

Slides are easier to read when there is a high contrast between the text and the background (eg white/yellow letters on a black/dark blue/dark green background). Avoid using black text. Essential information should be large and bold.

Make sure that the slides are not too crowded. As a guide, stand back ten times the screen width and read the slides. Line graphs and simple drawings are more effective than tables of figures. Slide transitions should be simple and consistent.

Ensure that any movie or sound files are included with the presentation on the memory stick. There may be compatibility issues when running a PowerPoint for Mac Presentation on a PC and Apple Keynote Presentations must be converted to a Power Point Format. It is advisable to try the PowerPoint presentation on a PC prior to the conference.

Presentation Title Slide & Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Please use the Presentation Title Slide at the beginning of your slide deck.

It can be downloaded from the menu on the right side of this page (available by end of July). This will ensure your presentation is the correct size format and will be used as a holding slide for your session room during the break before your session

All speakers at the 2018 conference will need to include a slide at the start of their presentation detailing any potential conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise, that could influence, or be perceived to influence, the content. Please give details of any potential conflicts of interest that you could have as a speaker in this session.

The Presentation Title Slide includes the Conflict of Interest Slide, which you can update to declare that there are no conflicts of interest, or to detail any conflicts that are present.


You should have received an email inviting you to register for the event from rcgp@haymarket.com.

This email contained a unique link to your registration record. If you do not have a copy of this email, and have not yet registered for the event, please email rcgp@haymarket.com so the email can be resent to you.

When registering you have the option to attend for free on the day that you are speaking, or purchase a reduced priced ticket for the full conference for £150+VAT. You can amend your registration at any time to upgrade to the full conference pass.

Session Details

Further information detailing your speaking sessions will be available shortly.

If you have any questions about the content of your session, whether you need to prepare slides, the length of time dedicated to Q&A etc, please speak with your session lead. If you are the session lead and have questions, please email Colin Cooper, as per your previous correspondence.

At 15, 10 and 5 minutes before the end of the session, a member of the organising team will hold up a countdown sign at the back of the room. Please ensure your session finishes on time. Many of the rooms are used during the breaks or need to be cleared for the next session.

Travel & Accommodation

• Accommodation
Due to the closeness of the RCGP Annual the secured bedroom allocation via inntel has now ended. We are delighted to direct you to laterooms.com or booking.com, where you can reserve accommodation for your required dates at the best available rates.

If you have any queries relating to accommodation you have booked through inntel, please contact Inntel directly on 0844 847 5501 or group.bookings@inntel.co.uk giving ‘RCGP 2018’ as your reference. Please note the Inntel help desk is open 08.30 – 17.00, Monday to Friday (closed on bank holidays).

• Travel
If you are a funded speaker, please refer to the Funded Speaker Package Policy for detailed travel reimbursement information. This can be downloaded from the links on the right side of this page.

On-site information


Registration opens 8am, Thursday – Saturday

On arrival to the SEC Glasgow you should proceed to the Speaker Desk located in Hall 5 on the right hand side of the Foyer.

You will receive your personal conference badge which we ask you to wear for security.

A member of the team will direct you to the Speaker Preview Room. If you have specific questions regarding your session, please speak to Speaker Registration Desk personnel.

Projection & AV Facilities

Large screen data projection facilities are available in each session room. All screens provided will be 16:9 widescreen format and the native display resolution of the data projectors is 1280 x 720 pixels. Each session room is equipped with a laptop running Windows 10 and PowerPoint 2013. This is compatible with previous versions of PowerPoint.

Please do not bring any other presentation formats as we cannot guarantee that the software will be installed on the system. Speakers are advised not to use their own Computers, Tablets or Phones for their presentations, as there is insufficient time between papers to connect and disconnect individual devices.

Please contact us if you are unable to provide your presentation for use on a conference laptop.

It is essential that presentations be checked in the speaker room as early as possible to ensure compatibility with the hardware provided.

Each conference room will have a mic at the lectern. Please contact us if you plan to move around during your presentation and require a lapel mic. For panel discussions, handheld mics will be provided.

Speaker Preview Room

All speakers should visit the Speaker Preview Room at least 2 hours prior to the start of the session they are participating in, or the day before an early session. You will not be able to preview your presentation in the conference room ahead of your session.

The Speaker Preview Room will be located on the mezzanine . Signage will be identifiable in the registration area and a member of the team will instruct you to visit the Speaker Preview Room upon collection of your badge.

Speakers who do not require the use of audio-visual aids should still check in with the technicians in the Speaker Preview Room so that this can be noted.

Speaker Preview Room staff will assist in checking presentations and will instruct Speakers on the use of the audio-visual controls and set-up within the session rooms. If speakers have any doubts about procedures, they can seek advice from the technical staff within the Speaker Preview Room.