Submissions Open February 1st, 2017

First Submission period closes March 26th

In this first submission period, abstracts can be considered as either ‘Display Poster’ or ‘Display Poster & Oral Presentation.’ There are no ‘Oral only Presentations.’ Abstracts submitted should be no longer than 250 words.

Review Criteria

0-5 marks will be awarded against each of the five judging criteria listed below. A score of five is the highest that can be awarded. A score of zero is given when the submission cannot be judged due to the lack of information provided.

  1. The Problem / Topic (Importance): Is this problem/topic important for GPs? Is the problem/topic clearly described/defined? Will this presentation add new knowledge/innovation for the audience?
  2. The Approach (Clarity): Is the approach proposed or taken both clear and well described? Are the methods used or proposed appropriate for the identified idea/problem/question? Were the methods innovative?
  3. Findings (Trustworthiness): Do you believe the findings? Do the findings relate to the topic under question? Do these matter? Are they important? Will these results be of interest to the RCGP delegates?
  4. Consequences (Significance): What are the implications of this study or would be the implications of this idea? Do these matter? Are they important? What does this all mean? Will these results influence or impact on clinical practice/education/policy/methodology?
  5. Overall Impressions (Likely interest value): Was this a well-written abstract? Will it promote discussion and debate? Will this study/idea change anything? Will this work support the effective/productive work of GPs and the primary care team?