Submission Guidance

In order to make the judging process as robust as possible, it is vital that abstract submissions adhere to our guidelines when preparing your entry. You should also bear in mind the criteria against which your abstract will be scored. Below you'll find all the information you need in order to give your submission the best chance of being accepted.


Submission Types

Title & Content

Review Criteria

Conflict of Interest

There are 11 categories of posters in 2017, including the conference theme Forward Together which is explained below.

The Forward Together theme: How we can lead primary care to the next level

Across the UK, GPs are being asked to scale up general practice, to work together to help address the multiple challenges now facing the NHS. The ‘Forward Together’ theme applies across all of the boundaries that are now beginning to blur under this new direction of travel – between practices, disciplines and professions, between doctors and patients, and between primary and secondary care. How can general practice meet these challenges and make this a time of growth and opportunity for the profession?

All Poster Categories for 2017:
• Forward Together
• Clinical
• Audit or Practice Survey
• Research
• International
• Service Delivery
• Ethics
• Innovation
• Quality Improvement
• Education
• Adolescent Health

Your abstract can be considered for two types of Poster Presenting

Display Poster
Here a presenter will produce an A0 poster of their research, hung in the exhibition hall on Thursday & Friday

Display Poster & Oral Presentation
Here a presenter will produce an A0 poster of their research, hung in the exhibition hall on Thursday & Friday. The presenter will also give a 10 minute oral presentation in a Mini Theatre on either Thursday or Friday.

Please note there are no Oral-only Presentation options

The title should be as brief as possible. Please capitalise only the first word, not each one. There should be no full stop at the end. Please DO NOT use upper case for the title.

The abstract is a short description of your work and should contain all the elements necessary to define your goals and introduce your results.

Abstracts should state, in 250 words or fewer, briefly and clearly, the following points:
• Aims/Objectives
• Content of Presentation
• Relevance/Impact
• Outcomes
• Discussion

A ‘blind’ selection process will be used. No identifying features such as names of hospitals, medical schools, clinics or cities may be listed in the title or text of the abstract. Do not include the names of authors. The names of the authors and their affiliations (institutions) will be requested separately when you submit the abstract online.

Assessors are asked to mark the abstracts out of five, on the basis of 0-5 marks for each of the five judging criteria listed below. A score of five is the highest that can be awarded. A score of zero is given when the submission cannot be judged due to the lack of information provided.

1. The Problem / Topic (Importance): Is this problem/topic important for GPs? Is the problem/topic clearly described/defined? Will this presentation add new knowledge/innovation for the audience?

2. The Approach (Clarity): Is the approach proposed or taken both clear and well described? Are the methods used or proposed appropriate for the identified idea/problem/question? Were the methods innovative?

3. Findings (Trustworthiness): Do you believe the findings? Do the findings relate to the topic under question? Do these matter? Are they important? Will these results be of interest to the RCGP delegates?

4. Consequences (Significance): What are the implications of this study or would be the implications of this idea? Do these matter? Are they important? What does this all mean? Will these results influence or impact on clinical practice/education/policy/methodology?

5. Overall Impressions (Likely interest value): Was this a well-written abstract? Will it promote discussion and debate? Will this study/idea change anything? Will this work support the effective/productive work of GPs and the primary care team?

All oral presenters at the 2017 conference will need to include a slide at the start of their presentation detailing any potential conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise, that could influence, or be perceived to influence, the content. Please give details of any potential conflicts of interest that you could have as part of your abstract submission.