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DXS Systems

DXS offers a suite of integrated clinical decision support applications to help busy clinicians manage their patients effectively and save time.

We build solutions to resolve issues within Primary Care, these include:

DXS Best Pathway™ provides immediate access to local care pathways, auto-populating referral forms, patient education, and consultation templates.
DXS Best Triage+ offers a Referral Management solution to enable Pier Review, Advice and Guidance and full reporting.
DXS MyVytalCare™ offers automated identification of outstanding actions in patients with Long-term conditions as well as automated call and recall and exception reporting.
DXS Personal Care Pathways™ manage patients according to NICE or local pathways by making specific optimisation recommendations specific to the patient and their unique clinical picture. CCGs can ensure that best evidence is practical and implementable across their clinicians and patients to achieve better outcomes.

Email info@dxs-systems.co.uk for more information or a no obligation demonstration.