Christian Medical Fellowship – 2019

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Christian Medical Fellowship

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Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) unites and equips Christian doctors and nurses in the UK to integrate faith and medicine – to live and speak for Jesus Christ, doing good to colleagues and patients. We are a fellowship of over 5000 Christian doctors, nurses, midwives and students.

Connect: with Christian doctors and nurses locally and in your workplace for prayer, encouragement and support; through regional and national conferences to grow and learn together; worldwide with international partners; and through social media.

Grow: in understanding complex ethical issues at the interface of faith and medicine, through online and printed resources, through mentoring and pastoral care.

Speak: with confidence and conviction about your faith and how that makes a difference in healthcare to colleagues, patients and the NHS.

Serve: by encouraging other Christians in healthcare; praying; mentoring and caring for junior doctors, nurses and students; writing articles; speaking out.

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