Lumos Diagnostics

Lumos Diagnostics provides rapid, cost effective point of care (POC) tests for infectious disease and antimicrobial stewardship. The company’s innovative and patented FebriDx® test a rapid POC test to differentiate a viral from bacterial acute respiratory infection including COVID-19. FebriDx has a 99% negative predictive value to accurately rule out bacterial infections and COVID-19.

FebriDx can reduce GP workload with a Nurse/Health Care professional led pathway enabling GP’s more time to concentrate on their more complex patients. In a GP study FebriDx was shown to improve clinical management in 48% of patients whilst safely reducing inappropriate antibiotic treatment by 80%. FebriDx can benefit GP’s, Urgent Care and Care Home Settings for management of acute respiratory infections including sinusitis, bronchitis, influenza pneumonia and COVID-19.