500 x Interface Clinical Services

Interface Clinical Services

Interface Clinical Services, an IQVIA business has delivered over 35,000 days of NHS support including screening, clinical audit, and patient clinics within more than 5,000 UK practices. Our success and growth are built on our ability to work alongside both the NHS and industry partners, acting as a genuine ‘interface’ to develop pioneering healthcare solutions for patients.

Now with over 100 fully employed Clinical Pharmacists working throughout the UK, Interface is uniquely positioned to deliver on-site and remote support across a range of long-term conditions.

Supported by our Service Support Team, our Clinical Pharmacists deliver services around 3 core areas; QOF Disease Prevalence, Therapy Reviews, and our Attend2 stratification platforms, all of which can be delivered scale across patient populations supporting the NHS organisations to ensure patient care is optimised.

Our pharmacists receive extensive training and are experts in using clinical systems and searches to identify and stratify patients. They are experienced in running patient-facing clinics allowing them to review patients and make clinically appropriate recommendations for their management.

We pride ourselves on driving healthcare forward, developing tools and technology to identify, sort and manage patients in a more efficient process resulting in better outcomes for both practice and patients. Our QOF Disease Prevalence and Attend2 digital platforms were built with these goals in mind.