Highlights for First5

RCGP First5 Chair Dr Jodie Blackadder-Weinstein

Our lively Health & Wellbeing stream looks at prescribing exercise (A5), occupational medicine (B5), and mindfulness for GPs (C5), as well as a session on introducing group patient consultations at your surgery (D4).

This year’s ‘theme stream’ is Quality Improvement, offering seven core sessions to help practices improve patient care whether you are a novice in the field or developing your expertise.

Our extensive clinical programme provides essential updates on respiratory medicine, irritable bowel syndrome, ME/CFS, dermatology and prescribing in pregnancy. Essential CPD topics are covered in sessions on Child Protection Level 3, Adult Safeguarding and Basic Life Support, repeated over the first two days of the conference.

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In our more off-beat sessions we have a ‘History of conflicts of interest in medicine, from Chaucer to the age of Trump’ and ask ‘How can we all be the David Attenboroughs of the GP world?’ and ‘Would Einstein have made a good GP?’ (D5, F5, F6)

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And our exciting list of plenary speakers includes best-selling author and medical doctor Dr Ben Goldacre who specialises in unpicking the misuse of science and statistics. His first book ‘Bad Science’ has sold over 500,000 copies. Find out more about the plenary speakers confirmed so far.