The ‘Free From Pain’ Functional rehabilitation programme and Exercise Book by Dr George Ampat is to help seniors. Dr Ampat is a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon trained to operate on patients. After witnessing an increased dependence on surgery, he developed a non-invasive, risk-free intervention with similar or better outcomes than surgery. The purpose of the book and the functional rehabilitation programme is to address arthritic pain and to delay any surgical interventions. ‘Free From Pain’ includes 12 reasons to exercise, 12 metaphors to understand the importance of exercise and three detailed, evidence-based exercise programs. Therefore, it can be used as a 12-week exercise program, with a new reason and metaphor for each week. Detailed descriptions and explanatory images of 53 different exercises are provided, along with a diary to track what days the exercises were performed.

The three established exercise regimes included are :
1. Otago Exercise To Increase Leg Strength And Improve Balance
2. Motor-Control Exercises For Lower Back Pain and
3. Isometric Exercises For Neck And Shoulder Pain

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