The early/late sessions for 2017

This year we have expanded the number, breadth and depth of the sessions running at early and late times, outside of the main schedule of concurrent sessions. There are 18 early/late sessions now booked for Liverpool 2017, with mandatory CPD sessions soon to be announced, plus an exciting programme of social and networking events.


Thursday 12 October

All sessions run from 17.15 – 18.15 unless otherwise stated

The Great Sugar Debate! Fats or Sugars: Demons or Delights?

GPs with an interest in nutrition group

This session will present arguments surrounding the Sugary Drinks Industry Levy, review evidence around effective GP weight management interventions and challenge views on how diet impacts diabetes, cancer, CVD and mental health. We will then involve the audience in a debate about the role of GPs in conveying dietary and weight management information.

Inside GP ethics: Guidelines ‘and’ ‘of’ or ‘for’ Good Clinical Practice

RCGP Committee on Medical Ethics

The ancient philosopher Plato argued that practicing medicine according to a rulebook was second class medicine (for application to slaves). In today’s practice, not following a guideline can seem like acting against a responsible body of medical opinion. In this session, delegates are invited to join the committee and key invited guests, to discuss the ethics of practicing with guidelines.

Primary care for Chinese patients in the UK and Asia

RCGP International

This session aims to increase awareness of opportunities for involvement in international projects, especially Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital in Hangzhou. The presenters will also consider the epidemiological, cultural and linguistic distinctives of providing primary care for a Chinese population. There will be a short introductory presentation, followed by discussion groups facilitated by bilingual facilitators.

Reclaiming your professionalism – the best way to move forward together

Dr Susi Caesar, Medical Director for Revalidation, RCGP

There are all sorts of external pressures that seem to go against the central values that we hold as primary care physicians, diminishing our ability to provide continuity of care, to hold on to uncertainty and to walk alongside and support our patients as they navigate their health experiences. Your appraisal can be a tool to reclaim your professionalism, define what is important to you and work out how to make it better. This workshop is about what you can do to make this ideal a reality so that you harness the power of facilitated reflection. We all have to have an appraisal, so here’s how to make it work for you – and for your patients.

New diagnostic technologies for primary care

Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford

Since August 2013, the NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Oxford has been running a successful programme of diagnostic industry engagement, providing privileged access to exciting diagnostics and healthcare technologies which may have considerable potential to positively impact on current and future models of primary healthcare. This session will showcase some of the most promising examples and canvass opinion on future directions.

What sort of leadership development for primary care?

Facilitator: Dr Tim Swanwick, Senior Clinical Adviser and Postgraduate Dean, Health Education England

Stronger leadership in, and from, primary care is essential if we are to transform services in a way that meets the current and future needs of our populations. But primary care poses a specific set of contextual challenges to the building of leadership capacity and capability which, if we are to make headway, must be addressed. So what sort of leadership development does primary care need? And how, and when should it be delivered? This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to influence a vitally important agenda as a number of national organisations work together to design and deliver a primary care leadership development offer that meets the needs of our health and care services and those that work within them.

RCGP faculties reception and the Vibrant Faculties Awards

RCGP Faculties

17.15 – 18.45 (1.5 HRS)

This event will aim to showcase the best innovations and operational priorities of all 32 faculties across the country. This will include identifying the opportunities and challenges that faculties face in shaping primary care services in their local areas, and the presentation of the Vibrant Faculty Awards.


Friday 13 October

All sessions run from 17.45 – 18.45 unless otherwise stated

Discover your inner clown: empathy through play

Dr David Wheeler, Greenwich GP Training Scheme, South London

Any healthcare professional, including medical students, should find this session useful because it facilitates a way of being that is an antidote, or a counterbalance, to our everyday rule-based thinking, while also making us more mindfully aware of our own emotions. This enables us to cope better with the emotional workload of our working lives.

International Exchange

RCGP International

This session provides a forum where ten RCGP international exchange delegates, from Europe and young doctor movements worldwide, will have the opportunity to present posters to the conference, describing an aspect of their healthcare system or an interesting medical case.

RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre 50th birthday celebration

Since 1967, the RCGP has been conducting national surveillance of influenza and other respiratory illnesses, reporting the findings weekly. This interactive session will celebrate the achievements of the Research and Surveillance Centre to date, allow delegates to ask questions, reflect on data from the 2016 annual report, consider the implications of the data on their own work and their patients wellbeing, and to voice their own ideas on priorities moving forward.

The time for mentoring in General Practice is now

RCGP First5 Committee

The siege mentality of our profession brought on through political and media demand, financial uncertainty, greater and changing responsibilities and perceived risks, indicates that the need for self preservation has never been greater. There is evidence that finding a mentor (or several) can form part of the solution to managing this uncertainty. This session will explore the basic tenets of mentoring, the benefits to mentee and mentor, and discuss how to develop meaningful local professional networks.


Saturday 14 October

All sessions run from 8.15 – 9.15 unless otherwise stated

Creating and maintaining a vibrant GP Society

Dr Jodie Blackadder (RCGP) and Dr Catherine Sloan (SE Wales Faculty)

The rewards of a student GP Society are for the future, in that we aim to interest more medical students in pursuing a career in general practice. Setting up a GP Society can take a great deal of effort and we want to ensure that fledgling GP Societies remain vibrant and continue to attract students. This session aims to help them succeed.

The Dragons’ Den: could your idea change global health?

RCGP Junior International Committee

We are re-visiting the format of last year’s successful session and again asking delegates to offer their ideas for improving health around the world. Authors of the best suggestions will be invited to make a pitch to an expert panel in a Dragons’ Den scenario and the audience will be asked to vote for their favourite.

For more information and how to apply please see the Guidance and Invite

Building resilience in your practice: top tips

Dr Pauline Foreman, Medical Director, Practice Support Programme

The session will draw on learning from the Special Measures practice support programme and the College’s newly introduced diagnostic service to explore the reasons why practices experience difficulties and identify practical steps all members of the practice team can take to provide effective care in increasingly challenging times.


Adolescent Health: maximising the potential

RCGP Adolescent Health Group

This session will cover why adolescent health merits a focus, the importance of primary care in management of long-term conditions and vulnerabilities, and how to make your practice youth friendly, both within the consultation and in the practice as a whole.

NHS Collaborate: Support network for primary care leaders

NHS Collaborate

NHS Collaborate is a movement created for the purpose of supporting leaders in primary care. Its mission is to ensure leaders, and emergent leaders, do not feel alone or isolated, and have the confidence, courage and conviction to shape and deliver an evolving NHS while dealing with unprecedented challenge and demand. This session will provide an interactive space offering exposure to the materials generated by our community of leaders while allowing you to contribute through video, audio or the written word.

Solutions to the GP nursing crisis – how to grow your nursing team

Jenny Aston, RCGP Nurse Champion

Following the launch of the Health Education England General Practice Nursing workforce plan, we now have clear recommendations on how to grow and develop this essential part of the team. The session will explore in a world café style some of the key roles that will help to achieve that goal: nursing assistants; nurse mentors; general practice nurse facilitators; nurse leaders; returners; students.

Test your skills in an emergency scenario

Doctors Worldwide

8.15 – 10.30 (TWO+ HRS)

How would you cope in a natural disaster, far from home, attempting to provide medical aid to a vulnerable population? This interactive two-hour session aims to reproduce an emergency situation, in which up to 50 participants join different stakeholder groups to replicate some of the issues and problems that arise in a changing environment.

The session is run by Doctors Worldwide, a charity launched by doctors in 2000 to respond to serious emergencies and disasters around the world, and also to help communities set up sustainable health services such as maternity clinics and hospitals. Find out more at

Download the full programme to find out more about the 42 concurrent sessions, plus plenaries, mandatory CPD, sponsored symposia, exhibition mini-theatres, social events and activities on the RCGP stand.