RCGP 2019

Conference programme

Saturday 08.00 – 09.30

Registration and Refreshments

Saturday 09.30 – 10.30

Clinical Learning | G1

Ophthalmology made simple: Assessment, common problems and common pitfalls

The first part of the session breaks down ophthalmic assessment into simple steps, making this otherwise daunting area easy to navigate. We then address common clinical cases, and delegates will be invited to participate in concerns and shared learning. The third part centres on red flags and common pitfalls, examining the medico-legal consequences of missed diagnoses and how to avoid them in a busy practice.

Chair: Dr Peter Saul, Joint Chair, RCGP Wales

Dr Anup Shah, GP in Hertfordshire and GPwSI in ophthalmology

Clinical Learning | G1

Dispelling myths about older adult mental health

As our population ages, it is crucial to ensure that older people’s mental health not only attains parity with physical health diagnostics and care, but parity with other age groups. This session will enable delegates to confidently diagnose and treat common mental health problems in older adults; use, monitor and manage psychotropic medications safely, be aware of the interaction between physical and mental health in older people and develop a strategy for their practice.

Chair: Dr Monica Aquilina, GP educator, Member, RCGP Later Career Working Group

Dr Elizabeth England, GP, RCGP Mental health lead and Clinical Fellow for Older Adult Mental Health

Dr Nadia Llanwarne, GPRCGP Clinical Fellow for Older Adult Mental Health

Professor Carolyn Chew-Graham, GP, Professor of General Practice Research, Keele University

AiT and First5 Focus | G3

How to get your idea heard

Have you ever had a great idea but then struggled to take it further? In this session you will be introduced to the ‘art of persuasion’ and learn how to use age-old principles to ensure that your communication, from emails to presenting at meetings to narrative based business proposals, has the impact you need.

Chair/Speaker: Dr Jodie Blackadder-Weinstein, Chair, RCGP National First5 Committee

David Blackadder-Weinstein, Head of Communications, Midlands Connect

Health and Wellbeing | G4

How art can impact your wellbeing – a hands-on session for all levels of experience

GPs can use the creative process to achieve wellbeing for themselves and their patients. This interactive workshop will explore the benefits of art on wellbeing, including a guided practical exercise using health-related artworks for inspiration. Delegates will take away original art and ideas for incorporating creativity into GP life, while completion of a brief wellbeing scale before and after the session will assess impact.

Chair: Dr Amit Paik, Chair, RCGP AiT Committee

Dr Lynsey Yeoman, GP Partner, Undergraduate tutor University of Glasgow, First5 Co-Lead West of Scotland faculty

Dr Helen Marshall, GP partner, First5 Co-Lead and Comms Lead, Severn Faculty

Dr Rachael Marchant, GP, First5 Lead Essex Faculty

Quality Improvement | G5

Quality Improvement in primary care: Practical tools, techniques and top tips

The national QSIR training course (Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign) has shown how tools and techniques can be used to create a change culture in primary care. Two inspirational practice-level change projects will be showcased: the redesigning of navigation to practice services, which increased efficiency, reduced demand and improved satisfaction, and a self-care intervention to improve the quality of life for patients with complex needs. Delegates will leave with the belief that they really can change their services.

Chair: Dr Mark Free, South London Faculty representative, RCGP Council

Dr Chad Hockey, GP

Dr Katy Willis, GP

Dr Tamara Joffe, GP

Quality Improvement | G6

Low-threshold, high-fidelity general practice: Improving access for marginalised patients

This session aims to demonstrate how a practice can become accessible to patients from marginalised groups. Drawing on real examples, we will outline the effects of poor access on patient health, describe access models, show how to train GPs to identify and remove barriers and conduct accessibility audits, and teach skills to manage challenging behaviors in a safe manner that does not result in the barring of the patient.

John Patterson, Chief Clinical Officer Oldham CCG Medical Director HopeCitadel Focused Care Lead  

Sarah Soar, Fairhealth Educator and GP Trainee

Austin O’Carroll, Founder and Prog Director North Dublin City GP Training Programme

Discover General Practice

Destination GP

Explore the application process for general practice.

Session intended for medical students and foundation doctors

Dr Zoe Brown, GPST1, Member of Severn GP Trainees Committee, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation


Saturday 10.30 – 11.00


Saturday 11.00 – 12.40


Research Paper of the Year Presentation and interview with the winner

Address from RCGP Chair Elect Professor Martin Marshall

The Saturday Debate: ‘This house believes that the future of general practice lies in the partnership model.’ Speaking for, Professor Mike Holmes. Speaking against, Professor Clare Gerada. Chaired by Dr Carey Lunan, Chair, RCGP Scotland.

Dr Roger Neighbour, Communications expert and author of The Inner Consultation: ‘Zen and the art of leadership’

President’s Address: Professor Mayur Lakhani, President, RCGP

Annual Conference closes 12.40