Sponsored Symposia 2018

We have a wide range of learning opportunities in the exhibition hall and in dedicated sessions delivered by healthcare companies and charities keen to interact with the primary care audience and help develop their products and services for the benefit of patients.

More sessions are in development so please check back to keep up to date!

Find out more about the many exhibitors and sponsors who will be available to meet in the exhibition hall in Glasgow.


Symposium sponsored by Natural Cycles

Exploring the role of technology-based fertility awareness in contraception and family planning

Friday 12:45-13:30 Lomond Auditorium

This session will present some of the evidence on user attitudes to modern contraceptive methods, in particular the concerns expressed by some users about hormonal side effects, and about intrauterine contraception. In this context, it will consider traditional fertility awareness methods, their method of action and their failure rates, and introduce the NaturalCycles app, which makes use of fertility awareness to aid contraception. It will explain the method of action of the app, present data from published studies on the efficacy of the app, and consider its place in the choice of contraceptive methods in the 21st Century.

Dr Susan Walker Senior Lecturer in Sexual Health, Angela Ruskin University



Symposium sponsored by Novo Nordisk

Are you fit to tackle multimorbidity?

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room 2

Chair Dr Rachel Pryke RCGP Multimorbidity Champion

Talking the Talk

Professor Paul Aveyard Can effective health and behaviour change advice fit into a 10-minute consultation? The BWel study suggests YES! Paul will outline acceptable and effective brief interventions for weight control.

Walking the walk – Physical activity interactive session

Alan Skirving Engaging people with complex health or mobility issues in increasing physical activities is a challenge. The greatest benefits arise from helping inactive people to start moving. Finding activities that people can do and enjoy is key. Social prescribing of activities such as Tai Chi may encourage physical activity in those who struggle with more vigorous activity. Come and try it in this interactive session.

Reaching the hardest to reach

Dr Carly Hughes How can you improve diabetes control, reduce osteoarthritis pain, treat liver disease and improve quality of life? Carly – a GP who also runs a specialist weight management service, managing complex patients with multimorbidity and severe obesity, will update us on treatments and clinical pathways for complex patients.