Sponsored Sessions

Medicolegal risk: New Models of Care
Sponsored by MDDUS, RCGP Annual Conference & Exhibition Principal Sponsor
With Liz Price, Medicolegal Adviser at MDDUS

Scaling up general practice can have direct benefits, but the process also brings risks. This session offers practical advice on how to identify and mitigate common medicolegal risks.

Day 1 | Thursday 12 October | 11.45 – 12.45 | Concurrent Session A3 | Forward Together

A time for change: A new evidence-based approach to managing CV risk in type 2 diabetes
Sponsored by Novo Nordisk
With Dr Richard Brice, Whitstable Medical Practice, Kent

This session aims to help the audience understand the link between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and how the excess risk of cardiovascular disease associated with type 2 diabetes can be minimised through a multifactorial approach. The lecture will cover NICE guidelines for type 2 diabetes, but also highlight important research regarding cardiovascular disease and preventative treatment which has come to light since the formulation of the guidelines. Through the use of an interactive case study and questions, the audience should be able to understand not only the clinical trials, but also how to implement the latest research into evidence based medicine to help minimise the risk of cardiovascular disease in their patients with type 2 diabetes.

Learning outcomes are to understand:

  • The link between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • How this risk can be minimised through a multifactorial approach
  • NICE guidelines for the treatment of hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes
  • CVOTs and how the results of these can be implemented into practice to ensure patients can be treated according to the best available evidence based medicine

Day 1 | Thursday 12 October | 13.00 – 13.45 | Symposium

‘Psoriasis – The Skin I’m In’
Sponsored by The Skin I’m In

Born out of collaboration between Dr Sandy McBride, Consultant Dermatologist, and storyteller Sarah Sutcliffe, ‘Psoriasis – The Skin I’m In’ is an original film which looks at the wider life impact of psoriasis including emotional well-being and mental health.

1.8 million people in the UK are living with psoriasis and yet a third of these people will never see a doctor about their psoriasis, and often do not even tell their friends and family that they have psoriasis.  The psychological aspects of living with psoriasis are often poorly understood and underestimated. People living with psoriasis and their doctors are frequently unaware that there are effective treatments available for psoriasis, hence people suffer unnecessarily often for decades.  Dr Sandy McBride and Sarah Sutcliffe wanted to address these problems.

Dr Sandy McBride and Sarah Sutcliffe chose to develop a project using storytelling to address the misunderstanding around Psoriasis.

The script, live storytelling piece and ultimately the film, were developed from over 20 hours of interviews with people living with psoriasis. The film is based on these true experiences of men and women living with psoriasis who have told their own stories.

The Live performance (from which the film has been developed) has been met with a hugely warm reception from audiences, be they patients, family and friends of people with psoriasis, health professionals, or people with no previous experience of psoriasis. It has already changed the way people view the condition and its impact, with dermatologists reporting they have changed the way they practice due to what they’ve learnt from the performances.

Walking for Health can help save lives and money, and reduce clinic numbers
Sponsored by Walking for Health
With Dr Yvonne Burke

Dr Yvonne Burke will share her experience of setting up and running health walks from the Boundary House Medical Centre. Showing how the walks have delivered outcomes for patients both physically and mentally, including reducing social isolation. Highlighting how working with the national team and local Walking for Health scheme has had positive benefits for the practise.

Day 1 | Thursday 12 October | 10.15 – 10.30 | Mini theatre 2
Day 2 | Friday 13 October | 10.40 – 10.55 |Mini theatre 1

How will digital innovations support quality improvement in healthcare organisations
Sponsored by Aptus Health
With Professor Rishabh Prasad, MB BS, MA, MSC, FRSA, FRCGP

Aptus Health is supporting quality improvement in healthcare organisations. Utilising the Univadis platform, the service supports engaging with clinical teams, developing an understanding of learning needs and objectives and delivering against them. Univadis is a well-known web portal for healthcare professionals, with more than 145k registered users in the UK. Aptus Health is now working to deliver improved patient care in partnership with entities such as federations, CCGs, Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) and third sector organisations such as charities.

The West Midlands AHSN leads and drives co-operation, collaboration and productivity across the healthcare sector and accelerates the adoption of proven innovations to generate improvement in the region’s health and wealth. Working with the West Midlands AHSN, Aptus Health is supporting a programme to improve health outcomes and reduce avoidable health expenditure caused by clinical variations in the care of atrial fibrillation (AF), in order to ‘Detect, Protect and Perfect’ and increase the uptake of NICE guidance. The programme offers tailored, localised engagement strategies, resources and training. For example, a GP in Walsall may receive different training compared with a GP in Sutton Coldfield, depending on their own learning needs and local requirements.

Day 1 | Thursday 12 October |15.10 – 15.25 | Mini theatre 1
Day 2 | Friday 13 October | 11.05 – 11.20 | Mini theatre 1

Replacing GPs with chatbots- will AI take our jobs?
Sponsored by Babylon
With Dr Mobasher Butt and Dr Matt Noble

In this session, digital health experts will introduce you to the use of Artificial Intelligence in primary care and explore how chatbots are already replacing many of the functions that exist in general practice.

Day 1 | Thursday 12 October |15.35 – 15.50 | Mini theatre 1
Day 2 | Friday 13 October | 12.50 – 13.05 | Mini theatre 1

Digitising triage and advice for improving primary care for everyone
Sponsored by Doctorlink
With Keith Nurcombe, Director of Sales & Marketing

Join us to gain a broader understanding about how digital innovations, specifically online patient triage tools, are helping to reduce pressure on GPs and their surgeries by managing demand for appointments. We will share first-hand insights on the challenges and outcomes from the fourteen GP surgeries in England, who are currently piloting DoctorLink, a new digital triage tool. There will be an opportunity to discuss the perceived barriers and potential solutions around implementing such initiatives, as well as how to bring both patients and surgery staff on board with digitising some processes, to create a better surgery experience for everyone.

Day 1 | Thursday 12 October |13.30 – 13.45 | Mini theatre 2

New Models of Care: The Future of the NHS
Sponsored by New Models of Care

Building on the success of the ‘Lessons from the new models of care’ event at last year’s conference, this session will look at the new models of care as part of the future healthcare system.

With almost all STP plans containing the ambition to create some form of accountable care organisation, the new models of care will be fundamental to the progress of the transformation agenda.

This session will explore the steps that are already being taken to develop new models of care, such as the development of contracts for the MCP and PACS models and developing a new model of care which delivers good quality and effective care. It will also consider what needs to be done at a national and local level to translate these into normal working practice on a wider scale.

A significant proportion of the session will be dedicated to a Q&A, giving delegates the opportunity to ask questions about the vanguards’ experience and their plans for future development.

Day 1 | Friday 13 October |13.15 – 13.30 | Mini theatre 1

Aortic Stenosis: A Common but Preventable Cause of Heart Failure
Sponsored by Edwards
With Dr Yassir Javaid; Cardiovascular lead Nene CCG and Primary Care Cardiovascular lead, East Midlands Strategic Clinical Network

A not to be missed silent disco style presentation in the exhibition hall. The session will provide an introduction to heart failure and an overview of aortic stenosis. It will highlight the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate referral, as well as offer guidance on how to spot the signs and symptoms and play your part, as a GP, to ensure patients receive optimal treatment.

Day 1 | Thursday 12 October | 10.20 – 10.50 | Mini theatre 1