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8:00: Registration

8:15-9:15 Fringe sessions

9:30-11:15: Plenary sessions

9:30 Host’s introduction

Professor Nigel Mathers, Honorary Secretary, RCGP

9:35 President’s Welcome

Dr Terry Kemple, RCGP President

9.40 Chair’s Address

Professor Maureen Baker, Chair RCGP Council

10:05 Dr Arvind Madan

GP and Director of Primary Care, NHS England

10:30 Dr Matt Kearney

GP and National Director of CVD Prevention, NHS England

10.55 College Address

Neil Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, RCGP

11:15-12:15: Coffee

The digital disruption of healthcare: Using technology to improve healthcare on a global scale Sponsored by babylon 11.30-11.45 

12:15-13.15: Concurrent sessions A1-6

Energising Primary Care

A1: Medical improvisation, humour and the general practice consultation

Dr Waqar Ahmed GP and comedian
Dr Roger Neighbour GP, author and communications expert

Clinical Learning​​

A2: Essential Knowledge Updates and Challenges for 2016 – produced by GPs for GPs

Dr Thomas Round GP and RCGP EKU Development Fellow
Dr Dirk Pilat GP and RCGP Medical Director for eLearning
Dr Chris Elfes Chair, RCGP EKU and EKC Steering Group

Clinical Challenges​

A3: Chronic kidney disease: overdiagnosis or undertreatment? Getting it right for our patients

Dr Julian Treadwell Wiltshire GP and Vice-Chair RCGP Standing Group on Overdiagnosis
Dr Kathryn Griffith RCGP Clinical Champion for Kidney Care
Fiona Loud Policy Director, British Kidney Patient Association

Research and Innovation

A4: Research and teaching? But I’m too busy helping patients…

Dr Jess Drinkwater GP and NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow in the Academic Unit of Primary Care, University of Leeds
Professor Roger Jones Editor of the British Journal of General Practice
Dr Adam Firth GP in Cheshire and a member of the BJGP Editorial Board

Campaigning for General Practice

A5: Five minutes to save general practice! What would you do?

A series of quickfire speakers from different roles and perspectives offer their solutions to the current crisis in general practice.

Career Development​

A6: Demand and capacity: how understanding patient flow can help improve access to services

Dr Richard Lendon GP and Clinical Associate, Sustainable Improvement Team (SIT), NHS England
Dr Tom Margham GP and Clinical Lead SIT
Dr David Griffiths GP and Clinical Lead SIT

Short Papers A

Clinical, Adolescent Health and Education short papers

13:15-14:15: Lunch

Respiratory Satellite Symposium: Optimising COPD management in primary care: Exacerbations and beyond, sponsored by Novartis-Pfizer Alliance. 13.25-14.10

Upskilling primary care in AF detection, ECG interpretation and stroke prevention: Day 1 13:25-14:10

Caring for the military veteran: top tips for the busy GP Sponsored by NHS England 13.45-14.00

14:15-15.45: Concurrent sessions B1-9

Choose one 90-minute session or two 40-minute sessions

90-minute sessions: In-depth workshops running from 14:15-15:45

Energising Primary Care

B1: Harnessing the energy of practice patients for the co-production of services

Dr Patricia Wilkie President and Chair, National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP)
Dr Jill Edwards GP Dean, Thames Valley, NHS Health Education England
Dr Katie Coleman GP, Clinical Lead Collaborative Care and Support Planning Programme, RCGP
Paul Devlin Chief Executive Officer, NAPP

Clinical Learning​​

B2: Advances in gynaecological management in primary care

Nick Panay Consultant gynaecologist, Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital and Chelsea & Westminster Hospital London
Professor Clare McKenzie Consultant Gynaecologist, Ninewells Hospital
Dr Carolyn Sadler GPSI in Women’s and Sexual health, Clifton Road Surgery, Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Philip Toozs-Hobson Consultant Gynaecologist, Birmingham Women’s Hospital

Clinical Challenges​

B3: Towards better care of dementia in the community

Dr Eugene Tang AiT and NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow, Newcastle University
Professor Louise Robinson GP and Professor of Primary Care and Ageing, Newcastle University
Dr Sam Creavin Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow, Bristol University

40-minute sessions: Choose two short sessions – one from 14.15-14.55 and one from 15.05-15.45

Research and Innovation

B4: The use of research data to inform quality improvement at practice level
(14.15 – 14.55, 40 minutes)

Dr Janet Valentine Director, Clinical Practice Research Datalink
Dr Ralph Sullivan Clinical Lead, RCGP Patient Online, RCGP Clinical Innovation and Research Centre (CIRC)

B5: The RCGP Research Surveillance Centre and Research Ready initiative
(15.05 – 15.45, 40 minutes)

Professor Simon de Lusignan Professor of Primary Care & Clinical Informatics, University of Surrey
Dr Matt Hoghton GP, Medical Director, RCGP Clinical Innovation and Research Centre

Campaigning for General Practice

B6: (Re)starting your career in general practice: recruitment, retention and returning
(14.15 – 14.55, 40 minutes)

Dr Jodie Blackadder RAF GP, First5 Committee
Professor Anthea Lints Director of Postgraduate General Practice Education at NHS Education for Scotland
Ian Biggs NHS England Director of Primary Care Transformation Programmes

B7: How central funding strategies are disabling general practice in Scotland and England
(15.05 – 15.45, 40 minutes)

Dr Helene Irvine Consultant in Public Health Medicine, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Career Development​

B8: Growing the GP nursing workforce and how Advanced Nurse Practitioners can enhance your practice team
(14.15 – 14.55, 40 minutes)

Wendy Fairhurst Chair, RCN ANP Forum
Dr Pete Lane GP and Clinical Lead Advanced Training Practice Scheme, HEE Yorkshire and the Humber
Dr John Holden Joint Head of Medical Division, MDDUS

B9: The use of risk-profiling to personalise care around the needs of patients
(15.05 – 15.45, 40 minutes)

Dr Laura Hill GP and Clinical Director, NHS Crawley CCG
Rob Halhead Chief Operations Officer, Docobo

Short Papers B

Research short papers

15:45-16:45: Coffee

Ask the Chair anything… Professor Maureen Baker and Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard, King’s Suite 15:50-16:20

The digital disruption of healthcare: Using technology to improve healthcare on a global scale Sponsored by babylon 16.15-16.30 

16:45pm: Concurrent sessions C1-6

Energising Primary Care

C1: Overdiagnosis: an opportunity to re-energise a generation of GPs?

Chair: Dr Joanne Reeve GP, Associate Clinical Professor, Warwick Medical School
Dr Polly Duncan GP Trainee and NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow, University of Bristol
Dr David Spitzer First 5 Locum GP, North London
Dr Sally Higginbottom GP, Trainer, Appraiser and RCGP eLearning fellow, North London

Clinical Learning​​

C2: What’s new in respiratory medicine in 2016? Top tips for management in primary care

Dr Kevin Gruffyd Jones GP, RCGP Clinical Lead Respiratory
Dr Steve Holmes GP, Education Lead, Primary Care Respiratory Society UK

Clinical Challenges​

C3: Stopping Over-Medication of People with Intellectual Disability (STOMP-ID)

Dr Gyles Glover Co-Director, Learning Disabilities Observatory Team, Public Health England
Dr Ken Courtney Consultant Psychiatrist, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust
Dr Umesh Chauhan GP, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Central Lancaster
Dr David Branford Member, English Pharmacy Board. Royal Pharmaceutical society

Research and Innovation

C4: Research Paper of the Year awards

Co-Chair: Dr Imran Rafi RCGP Chair of Clinical Innovation and Research
Co-Chair: Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard Honorary Treasurer of the RCGP

Campaigning for General Practice

C5: Lessons from New Models of Care launching across the NHS

This session brings together NHS managers and clinicians leading the initiatives in different nations to share experiences, problems, and solutions.

Professor Robert Harris Chief Executive Officer at Lakeside Healthcare
Dr Grainne Doran 
GP, Bangor, RCGP Northern Ireland Council Member
Dr Graham Kramer 
GP, Montrose, RCGP Scotland Council member

Career Development​

C6: Making a difference: Using quality improvement methods to improve patient care

Dr Joanna Bircher QI Clinical Lead, RCGP Clinical Innovation and Research Centre (CIRC)
Dr Bill Taylor QI Clinical Lead, CIRC

Short Papers C

Audit and Practice Surveys, and Quality Improvement short papers

18.00-19:00 Fringe sessions


8:00 Registration

8:00-8:30 Sponsored symposia

NHS Wales The way we do primary care in Wales is different

CMF Breakfast Meeting Sponsored by Christian Medical Fellowship

8:45-11:00 Plenary sessions

8:45 Host’s Introduction

Dr Kamila Hawthorne, Joint Vice-Chair, RCGP Council

8:50 Professor Jonathan Shepherd

Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Director, Violence Research Group, Cardiff University

9:15 Kate Allatt

Inspirational survivor of locked-in syndrome

9:40 Professor David Haslam

Chair of NICE and former RCGP President and Chair of Council

10:05 David Mowat

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Community Health and Care, England

10:25 Debate: This house believes that new models of care will spell the end of the “essence of general practice”

Chair: Dr Miles Mack. Lead speakers: Dr Jenny Bennison, Dr Euan Paterson

11:00-12:00: Coffee

Upskilling primary care in AF detection, ECG interpretation and stroke prevention: Day 2 11:10-11:55

Prescribing and use of emollients in primary care Sponsored by Bayer 11.10-11.25 

Physical Activity Clinical Champions’ Network Delivered by Public Health England 11.15-11.30 

Caring for the military veteran: top tips for the busy GP Sponsored by NHS England 11.35-11.50 

12:00: Concurrent sessions D1-6

Energising Primary Care

D1: Finding your Inner Physician

Dr Roger Neighbour GP, author and communications expert

Clinical Learning​​

D2: Whose illness is it anyway? The new NICE guidance on multimorbidity

Professor David Haslam Chair of NICE
Professor Bruce Guthrie Chair of the NICE guideline committee for multimorbidity

Mental Health Focus​

D3: Safe and sound: Reducing risk in vulnerable patients

Liz Price Senior Risk Adviser, MDDUS
Alan Frame Risk Adviser, MDDUS

Professional Education

D4: Refreshing GP Training and Assessment in the Workplace

Dr Pauline Foreman Chief Examiner, RCGP
Dr Sue Cullis Associate Postgraduate Dean and Lead for QI teaching, HEE East Midlands
Dr Susan Hadley Programme Director, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Practice Development​

D5: Physical activity and primary care: are we practising or preaching?

Dr Zoe Williams GP, Clinical Champion Physical Activity and Lifestyle, RCGP
Dr Dane Vishnubala GP, Clinical Champion Physical activity, Public Health England
Dr Christine Haseler GP and GPSI Musculoskeletal Medicine

Supporting Doctors

D6: Caring at the interface: Developing and delivering services supporting the interface between primary and secondary care

Dr Ben Jameson Clinical director, Acute GP Service, Livewell South West, Plymouth
Dr Miles Mack GP and Chair, RCGP Scotland
Carey Lunan Executive Officer for Interface, RCGP Scotland
(Chair) Dr John Holden Joint Head of Medical Division, MDDUS

Short Papers D

Service Delivery, International and Innovation short papers

13:00-14:00: Lunch

Prescribing and use of emollients in primary care Sponsored by Bayer 13.05-13.20 

Cardiovascular Satellite Symposium Question Time: Overcoming the challenges of anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation for primary care. Organised and sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. 13:10-13:55

Nutritional Intolerance Satellite Symposium Beta-casein variants in the management of cows’ milk protein and lactose intolerance, sponsored by a2 Milk. 13:10-13:55

The Importance of Blood Glucose Testing in Relation to Driving Sponsored by Roche Diabetes Care 13.30-14.00 

The digital disruption of healthcare: Using technology to improve healthcare on a global scale Sponsored by babylon 13.30-13.45 

14:00: Concurrent sessions E1-6

Energising Primary Care

E1: Energising the profession by working at scale

Dr Mike Holmes RCGP Clinical Lead, Supporting Federations Programme
Dr Sohail Munshi GP Chair, Manchester Primary Care Partnership and Greater Manchester Association of GP Federations
Dr Vish Ratnasuriya Chair, Our Health Partnership, Birmingham
Dr Paul Myres Professional Lead Primary Care Quality and National Lead for Primary Care Development, Public Health Wales

Clinical Learning​​

E2: Dermatology: practical tips on diagnosis, treatment and management in primary care

Dr Stephen Kownacki GP and Executive Chairman, Primary Care Dermatology Society
Dr Julian Peace GP and GPSI in dermatology

Mental Health Focus​

E3: The generalist awakens: revitalising your mental health consultations

Prof Carolyn Chew-Graham Professor of General Practice Research Keele University
Lucy Cooper Research Governance and Quality Assurance Lead, Alderhey Foundation Trust
Dr Liz England GP and RCGP Mental Health Lead
Dr Joanne Reeve Associate Clinical Professor in Primary Care, Warwick Medical School

Professional Education

E4: The next generation of primary care – attracting, engaging and educating the future workforce

Professor Gail Nicholls Associate Professor in Primary Care, Director of Admissions, School of Medicine, University of Leeds
Dr Amar Rughani GP in Sheffield, Associate Postgraduate Dean Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber
Dr Richard Weaver Director of GP Education and Head of School, Health Education England Wessex
Pippa Stupple General Practice Nurse Lead, Health Education England Wessex

Practice Development​

E5: Mindfulness in today’s primary care: How can it help us and our patients?

Dr Duncan Shrewsbury Academic GP Trainee, Chair West Midlands AiT Committee
Dr Sheila Hardy Practice Nurse Educator, Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, Senior Research Fellow, Northamptonshire NHS Trust

Supporting Doctors

E6: Energising primary care through support for vulnerable practices

Dr David Geddes Head of Primary Care Commissioning, NHS England
Dr Jenny Napier GP and Honorary Research Fellow, Queen Mary University of London
Helene Irvine Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Adviser to RCGP SMP
Dr Sue Rendel Clinical Lead RCGP SMP

Short Papers E

Energising Primary Care short papers

15:30-16.15: Coffee

Prescribing and use of emollients in primary care Sponsored by Bayer 15.45-16.00 

16:15-17.15: Concurrent sessions F1-6

Energising Primary Care

F1: The Modern Primary Care: Leading, Learning and Improving

Dr Asiya Yunus GP, Senior Clinical Quality Lead at Healthy London Partnership
Dr Durka Dougall Head of Transformation Southwark CCG, Public Health Consultant
Dr Douglas Hing GP, Clinical Director Merton CCG, Coaching for Health Lead Trainer
Dr David Price GP Programme Director, Health Education England North Central and East London

Clinical Learning​​

F2: The NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme: supporting behaviour change in those at high risk of type 2 diabetes

Tom Newbound Programme Manager, NHS DPP, Public Health England
Professor Jonathan Valabhji National Clinical Director Diabetes and Obesity
Dr Richard Mendelsohn Clinical Head of Commissioning, Birmingham South Central CCG

Mental Health Focus​

F3: To prescribe anti-depressants or not? The science and the craft

Dr Maryanne Freer Programme Lead, Primary Care Mental Health Programme, Charlie Waller Memorial Trust
Dr Sheila Hardy Practice Nurse Educator, Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, Senior Research Fellow, Northamptonshire NHS Trust
Professor André Tylee Emeritus Professor of Primary Care Mental Health, Kings College London

Professional Education

F4: Re-energising your career and the value of lifelong learning

Dr Susi Caesar Medical Director for Revalidation, RCGP
Dr Dirk Pilat Medical Director for eLearning, RCGP
Dr Clare Etherington Clinical Lead for MAP, RCGP

Practice Development​

F5: Being a GP and a Parent: The balancing act, the guilt, and the way forward

Dr Jaz Dhillon GP, GP appraiser and tutor, RCGP First5 representative
Dr Shamila Wanninayake GP, GP tutor, chair of RCGP First5 Committee
Dr Richard Pratt GP Partner, Three Spires Medical Practice, Truro

Supporting Doctors

F6: Improving outcomes in CVD – what can we do differently in primary care?

Dr Matt Kearney National Clinical Director for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
Dr Sarit Ghosh GP and RCGP CVD Lead
Professor Matthew Cripps National Director, NHS RightCare
Dr Chris Harris GP and Long Term Conditions Lead, Bradford Districts CCG

5:30-7:30 Fringe sessions


8:00 Registration

8:15-9:15 Fringe sessions

9:30-10.30: Concurrent sessions G1-6

Research and Innovation

G1: The beginning and end of general practice – what do doctors want?

Dr Emma Clarke Sessional GP, NIHR In Practice Fellow, Keele University
Dr Samuel Finnikin GP and NIHR In Practice Fellow, University of Birmingham
Dr Sharon Spooner GP and Academic Clinical Lecturer, University of Manchester
Dr Jonathan Leach Chair, RCGP Midlands Faculty

Career Development​

G2: Unpacking the Ps: Posting pharmacists and physician assistants in practices

Ravi Sharma Pharmacist, NHS Newham CCG
Dr Ben Jackson Senior Clinical Teacher, Academic Unit of Primary Medical Care, University of Sheffield

Mental Health Focus​

G3: The acceptability of metaphors in the management of people with Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)

Professor Carolyn Chew-Graham Professor of General Practice Research, Keele University
Professor Athula Sumathipala Professor of Psychiatry, Keele University, Consultant Psychiatrist, South Staffs and Shropshire Foundation Trust

Professional Education

G4: Energy boosting workshop for UK primary care educators

This session is an opportunity for primary care educators to meet, network and share their current problems, solutions and best practice ideas.

Practice Development​

G5: Caring for refugees and torture survivors

Dr Angela Burnett Lead Doctor, Freedom from Torture
Dr Naomi Hartree Clinical Lead, Medical Justice

Supporting Doctors

G6: The Dragons Den: Could your idea change global health?

Dr Sandy Mather Head of RCGP International
Dr Liz Goodburn Medical Director South & South East Asia, RCGP International
Dr Win Zaw General Secretary, General Practitioners’ Society Myanmar Medical Association (MMA), General Secretary, Yangon Region MMA, CEO, Myanmar Academy of Family Physicians

10:30-11:00: Coffee

11:00-12:30: Plenary Sessions

11:00-11:05 Host’s Introduction

Dr Terry Kemple, President, RCGP

11:05-11:15 Chair-elect’s address

Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard, Honorary Treasurer and Chair-elect, RCGP

11:15-11:30 Research Paper of the Year

Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard interviews the author

11:30-11:35 Poster prizes and awards

Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard presents

11:35-12:10 Sir Sam Everington 

GP and Chair of Tower Hamlets CCG, East London

12.10-12:30 President’s Address

Dr Terry Kemple, President, RCGP

12:30 Close of conference

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