Highlights for AiTs

Practical sessions will help you develop your leadership skills (G3), practise mindfulness in medicine (C5), kick off your career in primary care research (C4), or take up an international exchange.

Our extensive clinical programme provides essential updates on respiratory medicine (A2), irritable bowel syndrome (B2), ME/CFS (C2), dermatology (D2) and safe prescribing in pregnancy (G2).

Dr Sophie Lanaghan

RCGP AiT Chair Dr Sophie Lanaghan

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We also have wealth of healthcare innovation and technology on show, including sessions on making NHS data useful to GPs (B6), bringing genomes to life (D6) , and using robots to aid teaching and physical examination (C6).

And our exciting list of plenary speakers includes best-selling author and medical doctor Dr Ben Goldacre who specialises in unpicking the misuse of science and statistics. His first book ‘Bad Science’ has sold over 500,000 copies. Find out more about the plenary speakers confirmed so far.